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Junior Cocktail Bar/ San Francisco/ Weekly Thursday Night Summer Pop Up

Upcoming dates

Culinary Color Retrospective for IDEO/ Oakland, CA/ 9.11.18

In collaboration with Hoste Productions, an experiential off site with color as a guide for memory and emotion, experienced through a blind tasting and shared meal.

Photographed by MB Maher

Maker's Market curated by Airyka Rockefeller/ The Indie Alley/ Fairfax, CA/ 8.18.18

OMIOMI pop up/ Irving Street Projects/ San Francisco/ 7.28.18

For ceramic artist Cathy Lu's opening reception of Peach Garden, at artist in residency space, Irving Street Projects.

Wellness Wednesday/ Outdoor Voices/ San Francisco/ 7.25.18

Edible install of blue noodle salad rolls, beet hummus baby masa tortillas and raw chocolate for lifestyle brand, Outdoor Voices.

DREAM FOOD/ Field Theory/ San Francisco/ 6.7.18

The third iteration of DREAM FOOD, a conceptual dinner series translating dream and memory onto the plate.


Sense of place. An all day event featuring a colorful Mediterranean lunch spread, mid-day snacks, and an Indonesian family style dinner. 


An installation of an assortment of cakes and cookies inspired by Gravel & Gold's textiles over time. Saffron rose cake (MARKS), charcoal white chocolate shortbread(BOOBS), seed and flower almond cacao cake (TAMBORO), rhubarb matcha mulberry hand tarts (A FOREST), lavender almond cookies (MANY MOONS), violet coconut cake (ACCORD), almond local fruitcake with coconut yogurt (CLIMBING IN THE WIND).

DREAM FOOD/ Broken Dimanche Press/ Berlin, Germany/ 5.28.18

To mark the conclusion of Chelsea's open culinary artist residency with Bon Bock, a DREAM FOOD Berlin for 25 guests, popped up at a literary project space in Neukölln. 

DREAM FOODGravel and Gold/ San Francisco/ 4.15.18


A conceptual dinner series translating dream and memory onto the plate.

Dinner guests joined the chef behind OMIOMI for a plant based, 4 course meal hosted at Gravel & Gold. Delicately flavor forward, each course presented intimate personal dreams and memories through lush, careful ingredients and display. Drinks provided by Lo-Fi Aperitifs. 

OMIOMI pop up/ SAND SHED/ Outer Sunset, San Francisco/ 4.7.18

Complimenting live music inside, an outdoor Ocean Beach-themed menu of hot kabocha "sunset" porridge with calendula petal sweet rice balls, deserted highway tofu plate, raw wave cakes, lavender and beach bum cookies.

NAWBO Connect Happy Hour/ Radiant/ San Francisco/ 3.14.18

An after work gathering and networking event for Bay Area female business owners. Menu included hot Moroccan tagin, yellow and purple sunflower sprout salad with tahini drizzle, watermelon radish blue glass noodle salad rolls, buckwheat pancakes with mascarpone and blood orange.

OPENING PARTY/ THE RUBY SF/ San Francisco/ 1.22.18

The Ruby is a new work and gathering space for Bay Area women by all definitions. In celebration of their opening: gado gado, lavender almond cookies, potato pancakes with grün sauce, ruby salad, raw açaí cashew cakes, avocado cacao mousse.


Held in the workshop space at LPP, a ticketed workshop class on salad roll and sauce composing. 


Food display made in response to the work of Oakland-based fiber/performance artist, Alise Anderson. Foods focused on texture contrasts and were installed on tile.

CRUNCHFUND/ San Francisco/ 11.13.17

A three course dinner (OFFERING TABLE, FALL ABUNDANCE, DESSERT) honoring California German food with borrowed Southeast Asian flavors and aesthetics. 

ART SHOW/ THE ROSA FILES/ LEGION shop/ San Francisco/ 10.20.17

Plant-based pastel Chinese food in response to the work of painter Naomi Clark, and her textile collaboration with Miranda Bennett. Bamboo sesame rice bowls with local sprouts and picked onions, raw coconut rosebud donuts, persimmon and purple daikon on yam puree, butterfly pea tea dyed glass noodles with pastel dips, edible flowers and seeds. 

SUN BATH opening/ LEGION shop/ San Francisco/ 7.7.17

"sun bath is a recollection of nostalgic details from Oakland based artists Ryan Whelan and Liz Hernández. Ryan relives summer through the ovewhleming joys of summer through seemingly ordinary objects: how the sun must feel to the plants, the infinite glow of lemonade on a hot day, and the playful ways that fresh fruits find to lounge in our kitchens. Images that evoke a brilliant and vibrant emotion only felt under the sun. Liz's summer is experienced through the stories told by objects of her childhood: the tasty tropical fruits sprinkled with chili powder, the flowers from her grandmother's garden, and the intricately adorned plates on the kitchen table during her family gatherings."

OMIOMI catered the SUN BATH opening with a space-specific food installation, working with ingredients evocative of summer. Fresh, chromatic and expressive, treats were made in direct response to the artists' sunlit work. 

ANTI-STILL LIFES/ San Francisco Design Week: Curiosity Salon/ The Archery/ 6.20.17

For an evening honoring the concepts of curiosity and metaphor, Chelsea joined a small group of maker panelists, installing a series of edible anti-still lifes and a cabbage as her personal and professional metaphor, a catalyst for guest interaction. 

OMIOMI Summer bodega/ WeWork Transbay/ San Francisco/ 6.20.17

Summer bodega: a re-creation of an NYC bodega for lunch and summer solstice at this downtown SF coworking space, selling melon agua fresca, Thai iced coffee, purple potato bread tartines, plant-based salads, and a variety of bodega dry goods + fresh produce.


An opening installation of buckwheat pancake palettes, dragonfruit, live watercress, pumperknickel and pickled produce in response to the Brooklyn-based painter Christina Zimpel's new body of work, Book People.